Sunday, March 24, 2013

NY Jonin Coverage

I have A LOT of videos right now thanks to Saul so I will be putting those up in the next couple of days. Deck profiles, coverage of the tourny, and then just random footage. So stay tuned to this post to get all the updates!

1st Place Deck

4th Place Deck

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Attention: Hurricane Approaching

Our last preview, and my favorite, will be the fan wielding Sand ninja, Temari. In all formats of this games existence there has almost always been a playable, if not staple, Temari to run. While this card won't see play outside of wind, I foresee it potentially being a staple for that element. At the very least, it will be a strong card people try to fit in their deck given enough space. Without further ado, here's our Temari preview!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Samehada Slasher

Today's preview features everyone's favorite rapping ninja, Killer Bee. It is a rare in the upcoming Set 28 Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and in my opinion is bound to see a good amount of competitive play. However I think it pales in comparison to our fan favorite preview we have coming up later this week. Enough talk though, lets check out the Killer Bee!

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Vengeful Master

Today we have two new missions from Set 28. One you may have seen in the German (I think it was German, perhaps Italian?) Set 28 advertisement, but the other is a brand new mission which has some serious potential.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Set 28 Preview: A Tail to be Reckoned With

Hey all! I know its been a while but I am back with some set 28 previews! I will have 4 others after this so stay tuned!

As one of the only people to top a Shonen Jump Championship with a Tailed Beast deck (shouts out to RockleeAC) I am pleased to give you one of the first Tailed Beast themed previews for the upcoming set.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Genre's Unlimited Rogue List Proposal 2012-2013

Let me just start by saying that the Unlimited Event at Gencon 2012 was more fun than the Block Event.  A lot of diversity was possible (and enough variety was there); but there were still many OP combos and cards still abused.  For this reason, I will now propose a new Rogue List with some changes (and explanations).

Again, we will leave the Anbu untouched (since Tylar has referenced wanting to keep them around), so if you wonder why they are not on the list, it is due to Tylar's word.  Additionally, cards that have been banned will stay banned in accordance to Tylar's statement that banned cards would never be unbanned.  The purpose of my proposed list additions are simple:  I want to slow the format down.  This will allow for even more variety and competitiveness, and perhaps stop "cheese" from occurring too early.

Unlimited Rogue List 2013


Hikaru Tsuki (c043) and Emi (c026) - These cards need to be banned
Hikaru and Emi were rampant in the format.  These two clients are not only dual element, but have no hand cost, have a low entrance cost, and swing the game in your favor way too early and with no drawback whatsoever.  There are many other cards on the Rogue List that have Emi's effect (just with a  legit cost) - so there is no reason not to remove Emi from the meta.  As for Hikaru, the gigantic field presence you can gain from him (as well as infinite chumping) is just way too overpowered.  He was abused heavily in mill and rush, as you can get many animals out quickly (and as a result, ninjas like Hina, Denka and Giant Tiger get +'s on their attack, becoming huge beatsticks quite quickly).  Additionally, people were abusing no-jutsu Kiba 0 drop with Hikaru (allowing for infinite stall).  In order to slow the meta down, these two clients (the main offenders to a speedy meta) need to be listed.

Biscuit (n902) - This card needs to go to 1 or 0
Every deck (or literally almost every deck) in the top 8 ran at least one Biscuit.  Most decks ran him as a 2 or 3 of, to guarantee an extra support ninja on turn 2.  He is an amazing dual element ninja with hot stats and a great chump block potential.  The issue with Biscuit is simply: he speeds the game up and is one of the reasons why Fire and/or Lightning dominated the top tables (he's got it all!).  I would prefer he be put to 1, just because I believe that if he was restricted he wouldn't affect the meta as much.  He's one of those cards that I would say could be listed to 1 as a precaution, and if he continues to be an issue then he would go to 0.  But listing him to 1 seems like the right thing to do for now (for obvious reasons).  Keep fire/lightning in the game, just nerf it a little!

Sharingan of Tears (j618) - This card needs to be banned

I've been saying for over a year that this card needs to be banned.  I understand it saw no play this year, but the point I try to make is that there are a variety of OTKs with a card like this, and if X, Y and Z cards get banned/restricted, then players will move onto the next most-OP combo available, and thus Sharingan of Tears OTK will occur.  Besides the fact you can copy broken effects as early as turn 0 (imagine a Sasuke Solo Attitude with a Pain Target Promo effect text...), the main danger of this card comes with the Jiraiya [Monster Hunter] (n827) + Overwhelming Power (j811) combo - with the aid of other OTK pieces, you can win X battle rewards as early as turn 0.  Early OTKs have no place in this game; and even though they may not be consistent, we still should take precautions.

Ink Leech (n1294) and Kushina Uzumaki (n1181) - These cards need to put to 1 or 0
Every Naruto player knows that early chakra generation causes a lot of issues (it was the bane of the 2011-2012 Block season).  Too much chakra early not only allows for early game jutsu blow-outs, but allows (early) OTKs to become more dangerous and viable.  Cards like Five-Pronged Seal (j092) and Shadow Clone Jutsu (jus001) (to name a FEW) become much more deadly the earlier you play them, and the game speeds up substantially if you drop a couple leeches or growth into another Kushina.  Both of these cards have infinite synergy with AMBUSH cards, power jutsu which require a lot of chakra, certain mission cards (like Make-Out Tactics m666), etc.  Perhaps these cards do not need to banned YET (if anything, Leech needs to be banned over Kushina).  A "precaution" listing could take place, where these two cards are put to 1 first, then banned if they continue to cause trouble.  But they certainly do not belong at 2 or 3 for, again, obvious reasons.

4 Times Faster (m447) - This card needs to go to 1 or 0
As the card says (lol)... this card just speeds to game up too quickly.  There are a plethora of things you can do with this card; but being able to squad or reinforce little guys as early as turn 1 (something you should be able to do only much later in the game) or drop Target Promo Pain on turn 2... it just makes your head spin.  I understand this card gives BOTH players an "advantage", but if you play it you're guaranteed to get ahead (your opponent is not guaranteed to have a power ninja / combo in hand if you play this).  I believe 4 Times Faster decks would start showing up once other cards get restricted/banned, so a precautionary measure could take place where (once again) we can put this card to 1 and then 0 if it continues to cause issues. But putting it to 1 would substantially weaken its combo value, so why not start there?


Reanimation Ninjutsu (j704), Byakugan (j696) and Earth Syle Barrier: Earth Dome Prison (j859) - Restrict these cards to 1 each
These cards are grouped together because they are prime examples of cards which are way too powerful at 3, but at 1 remain playable/good.  I am not implying that they have synergy with one another (though they could) - I am implying that if you have 3 Byakugan in hand OR 3 Reanimation in hand, the synergy with the card being used back-to-back with itself is broken.  Hand control is an issue in this game still, as the only answer is in a turn 2 Ino which prevents hand destruction (mediocre card) - so restricting Byakugan shouldn't need explanation (OTKs using Byakugan would be rampant if the game slowed down enough, so nipping this now is necessary).  Reanimation USED to be restricted to one, then errata'd, and is now broken with itself (as we saw in the Block 2011-2012 season); let us prevent this OP synergy from occurring again and just put both of these cards to 1.  IF early chakra generators like Leech or Kushina get listed (which I believe they will), Dome becomes that much more deadly as the little chakra a player does generate can be destroyed early (not to mention self-mill cards can allow you to cherry pick AMBUSH ninjas or other no-hand jutsu with Dome).  Moreover, there are a couple other broken chakra-hate cards in format (Threat of the Tailed Beasts m430 and Yoroi Broke-ado n630) which become even more abuseable if Dome is kept at 3.  Chakra hate is another issue with very little answers; let's tame it before it goes out of control.

*Make-out Paradise (m756) - If Anbu remain unbanned, put this card to 1 or 0
This card has an asterisk next to it because it's a touchy subject... Anbu presumably remain unbanned each list, and this card continues to see play in every Fire/X deck and allows fire to be more advantageous than ever (allowing you to tutor out answers like Hina or Sabiru; or power ninjas like Anbu).  Perhaps this card does not need to be listed at all (if it did, hypothetically, putting it to 1 would suffice) - however, putting fire in the same field as Earth (which can also run Anbu, just without the ability to tutor them with this card) is why I am suggesting the restriction in the first place.  Nerfing this card would certainly slow the fastest element down, so I hope people don't bash me too hard for suggesting this card (as a result of this being restricted, rush decks would lose some power:  this is my point).

Anything Else?

There are many other cards that are overpowered and could cause issues... here are just a few:


Yes, I know there are still OP cards in format.  Yes, I know I didn't mention them all.  Yes, not all of them need to touched right now; even if they are OP... Only time will tell.  There are certainly a ton of cards which should be watched, but if anything, the cards I proposed in my Unlimited Rogue List 2012-2013 should be first priority for listing.  Everything else will get decided in time...

Any Changes to the Current List?


I am not proposing changes to the current list (every card which is banned or restricted should stay as such...) - however, the two problem cards I see are Furious Current and Flower Shuriken (because they are early game snipes).  If anything, these cards should be banned but for now I will be passive and say let them be as is.  Sure, they are an issue (and are so overpowered that they're practically broken) but they're on that cusp of being 'fine' as 1-ofs.  For now.

And that's pretty much it.  If the card(s) I mentioned hit the list, the meta will shift in a more favorable direction and the game will be more enjoyable (and less of a survival struggle).  I know I didn't get everything, but that was on purpose!  I enjoy writing these lists, so I'll probably do another one before Gencon 2013 (especially if we get more cards like "Tetragram" in format)!

Until the next time, folks.  Thanks for reading!