Monday, February 11, 2013

The Samehada Slasher

Today's preview features everyone's favorite rapping ninja, Killer Bee. It is a rare in the upcoming Set 28 Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and in my opinion is bound to see a good amount of competitive play. However I think it pales in comparison to our fan favorite preview we have coming up later this week. Enough talk though, lets check out the Killer Bee!

Let check out the stats and characteristics. We see the standard no hand cost Killer Bee stats. No support but that isn't much to worry about. No Tailed Beast Form or Jinchuriki in the Characteristic line unfortunately and he's also weapon, so much for using Patriarch on him. He has a really solid effect though. Its very similar to some Kisame's we've seen in the past, being that Killer Bee is the new owner of his sword, Samehada. Every time he attacks he is going to be a 7/0 or an 8/0 unless your opponent has no chakra which means you are probably in a very strong position. One of the major benefits of this Killer Bee is it allows you to play the reinforcement Killer Bee without having to pay two hand costs. It even means you can splash this Killer Bee and the reinforcement if you have a couple of lightning cards in your deck.

Stay tuned later this week for (in my opinion) our best preview! I'm sure everyone will be a fan of the card.


  1. Esperaremos atentos y dispuestos a el siguiente preview de esta semana, gracias por su trabajo.