Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Attention: Hurricane Approaching

Our last preview, and my favorite, will be the fan wielding Sand ninja, Temari. In all formats of this games existence there has almost always been a playable, if not staple, Temari to run. While this card won't see play outside of wind, I foresee it potentially being a staple for that element. At the very least, it will be a strong card people try to fit in their deck given enough space. Without further ado, here's our Temari preview!

Here it is guys!

Wait a sec, that's not the right one, here's the real one!

Oh crap! Wrong file, ok here it is!

As a popular theme with Temari, we see that she loves to mess with the opponents hand. The two Temari's above are very reminiscent of the new one we see now. But she's a turn 5, so if we have to wait that long to get into our opponents hand it better be worth it. And it is. Simply discarding a mission card is a strong effect in and of itself, as we see with Temari [Wind Pressure], but this Temari is packing Gale Force! She not only removes from the game a mission in your opponents hand but she allows you to play that mission by simply discarding a wind card. It doesn't even cost your one mission per turn. Combine that with formidable stats and 3 mental power and you have yourself an extremely strong 5 drop!

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