Friday, February 8, 2013

A Vengeful Master

Today we have two new missions from Set 28. One you may have seen in the German (I think it was German, perhaps Italian?) Set 28 advertisement, but the other is a brand new mission which has some serious potential.

First up, the one you may have seen, Vengeful Spirit.

Vengeful Spirit is a turn 3 two for one in terms of advantages, but it has a twist. It can very likely give a damage to one of your opponents ninjas late game.With this new set we see the resurgence of a mill theme for fire. While having mill being your only winning strategy won't work in the long run due to revitalize, it can be quite burdensome for many other decks in the format that do not include revitalize cards. Taking a chunk of your opponents deck and getting rid of some of their most powerful jutsus or strongest ninjas can give you a slight advantage over your opponent. With Obito in the format mill could become a viable secondary win condition for many fire decks, and you may even see people side into a mill strategy if they aren't up against the ominous revitalize deck. Speaking of revitalize, our next preview is Masterful User.

The first ever mission with Revitalize on it, and with two keywords! This mission is extremely reminiscent of one of my favorite cards Misunderstanding and a card that one might say single-handedly won Thomas Cao his first Sannin, Arbitration. We've seen a rise in popularity in counter missions that remove ninjas lately in part due to Simon Says and, in my opinion, the urgency needed to remove your opponents Tree user for the extremely potent Revitalize deck. While this mission wont likely fit perfectly in that deck, it has potential for sideboard use if the standard Revitalize decks can fit in enough ninjas or missions with coins in the main deck or side deck to make it work. However, a deck that Masterful User may fit quite nicely into is the Permanent Mission Stall deck. That deck has serious potential and now it has the ability to remove from the game any mission or ninja that stands in its way. I feel this card can open some very interesting cans of worms in the future.

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