Thursday, January 31, 2013

Set 28 Preview: A Tail to be Reckoned With

Hey all! I know its been a while but I am back with some set 28 previews! I will have 4 others after this so stay tuned!

As one of the only people to top a Shonen Jump Championship with a Tailed Beast deck (shouts out to RockleeAC) I am pleased to give you one of the first Tailed Beast themed previews for the upcoming set.

Last week we saw the first Tailed Beast themed card in set 28 on Mull to Four. This card didn't seem to fit in with anything we have seen before, with the meaning of the Jinchuriki characteristic yet to be revealed. Along with (most likely) other cards in the set, the meaning of having Jinchuriki as a characteristic is seen in our first preview, and the card that will kick start the Tailed Beast previews of the set on the Bandai Facebook Page:
Tailed Beast Transformation has some crazy potential. It's very reminiscent of Substitute, a card that saw play up until its rotation.

 However, it has some benefits and disadvantages compared to Substitute. First off, the ninja your are switching out goes back to your hand. This is great because it allows for you to pay for the hand cost of another mission or ninja with a card that you can no longer deploy. While the additional card in hand is a great advantage, there are requirements to play this mission where there were not any for Substitute. You are going to need to have a Jinchuriki ninja in play so we won't be seeing the widespread use of this card in many decks like we did with substitute. Although, the effect of adding the tailed beast to your hand may have something to do with the effects of the Tailed Beast ninja you are going to bring out, and after seeing all the Seven Swordsman, I am kind of thinking this may be the case. Nevertheless I am sure that being able to jump your Jinchuriki ninja into a bigger guy will give you a great advantage over your opponent. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the Tailed Beast theme on Facebook and stay tuned to this blog and my youtube channel for some more previews this set.


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