Thursday, May 3, 2012

Set 25: Kage Summit Preview - Hidan [Immortal Soul]

It's my pleasure to present our first Set 25: Kage Summit preview, Hidan [Immortal Soul]!!

As you can see, we got lucky here at 2EZ Forums; as this card is absolutely incredible.

Let's just overview the pros/cons of this beast for a second...


1)  Turn 4, Jonin rank, Akatsuki affiliation, Weapon Combat Attribute, Decent stats.
2)  One of the most unique effects ever printed on any card in the game - and both effects are technically valid (one is literally valid, another is only relevant while in the discard pile - and there are no effects to negate "ninja card's" effects while in the discard pile!).
3)  Can REINFORCE into Hidan (Curse Mode) if necessary - and Hidan does not get removed from the game as a result of the Sacrifice cost - he gets discarded instead!
4)  Extremely versatile; can be splashed in many decks and be used as a repeated chump blocker if you can afford to give up a Battle Reward (at that moment) to buy yourself time in the late game.
5)  Has ridiculous synergy with Kidomaru State 2 (you can discard him from hand, make an opponent's team unblockable, then activate Hidan into play and swing out with at least two dangerous teams), Deidara [Fiery Wrath] (you can keep pitching him for Deidara fodder and gain Battle Rewards), etc.


1)  Not dual-element, no AMBUSH
2)  Expensive cost - giving up a Battle Reward may be too risky if you're already losing.

Seemingly, the pros far outweigh the cons in regards to this magnificent card.  The versatility of this ninja is ridiculous - he truly is an incredible card with many possibilities.

lol... anyone remember this bugger?

Heh... kind of similar, right?  A lot of players loved Biscuit - I'm sure a lot of players will love Hidan too.

I'm sure a lot of you, at this point, have already made up your mind about this card and are now thinking "Yes, he's really good, but what synergy does he have with OTHER cards to make him even more abuseable/broken??" -- look no further...


Either one of these cards used with Hidan is amazing; but with both together, in synergy with Hidan, you can just pour the brokesauce all over your opponent's face.  With Susano'o, you cannot lose due to Battle Rewards (making Hidan an infinite chump blocker with no true draw back) - and with World of Fire, you keep putting Hidan in play to get coins to then mill out your opponent.  Chump block + Put in Play + mill with World of Fire (rinse and repeat).

I'm sure there are many other combos out there, but for now, I'm sure we can all agree that this card is one of the best, most unique cards in Kage Summit.


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