Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Set 25: Kage Summit Preview 2 - Lightning Blade

Welcome to our 2nd preview from Set 25: Kage Summit!  Check it out!!

Pretty cool card, huh?  Let's talk about the good and bad (and maybe the ugly)...

What's Hot:
1)  First card in the history of the Naruto CCG to have THREE separate jutsu costs!  Hopefully this starts a trend for future jutsu cards (this will allow more splashability and new archetypes to open up).
2)  Dual-Element, Devastating effect as long as it resolves (regardless of Heads or Tails).
3)  Yep, it's a snipe jutsu!!

What's Not:
1)  One user
2)  Jutsus with one user GENERALLY do not see play unless they literally end games.  This jutsu is good, but can only wipe an entire team if resolved (this can end games) but other jutsus do similar things (and have more users!)...

This card is good, and can be a good option for players who do not have access to certain expensive cards (super rares, hard-to-find rares, etc)...  

I know players will compare Set 25 Lightning Blade to Set 23 Lightning Blade; but if you look at this logically, both can offer powerful results (regardless of rarity + value of each card) -- the super rare Lightning Blade costs more chakra to get a bigger pump (for Combat only) and a possible 2 Damage knockout (only to ninjas opposing the user) -- this new Lightning Blade offers Support as well as Combat pump and has no downside to using it; moreover, it is "cheaper" chakra-wise than its super rare counterpart AND CAN SNIPE.  So, honestly, you can't lose either way.  Both are viable candidates for Kakashi fans (and good options for fire and/or lightning players).  But honestly, the power level of these cards will skyrocket if this baby ever gets reprinted:

We can only hope!  lol

Until the next time,

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