Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Set 25: Kage Summit Preview 3 - Messengers

Hey, how's everybody doing today?  Check out our 3rd preview from Set 25: Kage Summit:

Heh, awesome name for a mission, but let's explore this card further:

What's Hot:
1) Early turn Permanent Mission perfect for the Permanent Mission Earth Deck which is making a surge with the release of the newest set (which then leads into next Block Rotation).
2)  Possibility to +1 draw if you have another Permanent Mission already in play.  At the least, you'll draw 2 off this card, and will not lose overall hand presence as a result.
3) Ridiculous synergy with the new Hinata and the new Zetsu, if you can drop this right after a turn 1 Decoding the Message, etc.  Earth has no issue drawing just as much as wind can; especially after rotation.

What's Not:
1)  Earth has tons of (good) missions, now and post-rotation... and players may opt to run missions that pay off instantly rather than in a few turns.  This card only gets most of its benefits in the turn(s) AFTER it is used; but the pay off can be huge if you draw nicely early on enough (into Decoding the Message, Hinata, Zetsu, etc).
2)  Card is not too hot unless your field has ninjas that supplement the power of this card.

Clearly, this card was meant for the Mono-Earth Permanent Mission build; and certainly it fits into this archetype and would definitely make an impact in that deck, so don't scoff at this card.  And I know what you're thinking...

"This just got reprinted, why would I run this other turn 2 mission when BBQ does something similar?!" -- "Shikamaru's Decision is a superior turn 2 Earth mission anyway, so why would I run anything but that in my turn 2 slot?"  ...think again.  You can draw quite a lot off this one card, especially if your field has a lot of ninjas that can keep this card fueled and going.  With this card and Tenten you can filter through a minimum of 3 cards for a few turns just off your start phase draw.  

You may laugh at this card for now, and it may not see too much play pre-rotation - but I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of this after rotation once the Permanent Mission archetype unleashes its full potential.

"Welcome to Earf"  ~Will Smith (Independence Day)

Heh... until the next time!

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