Saturday, May 19, 2012

Georgia Shonen Jump Championship Coverage

Welcome everyone to the first Official 2EZForums Blog SJC Coverage! This post will be updated periodically throughout today and tomorrow with what is happening down in GA and how some of the "pro's" are playing at the event. Without further ado, the results of the first round! 

36 People. 6 Rounds + cut to Top 8

Round 1 Updated!
Round 2: Colin and Anthony start out the round with game losses due to deck list errors. 
Round 2: Updated! Colin was able to pull out the win despite the game loss, Hernandez was not quite as lucky. Eisenbud took a quick victory over his round 2 opponent and finished before everyone else.
Round 3: Updated for those who are done. Added Tony Denning to the list of players to update about.
Round 4: Updated.
Round 5: Matt won early due to decklist error. Rest of the results will be posted once Colin texts me.
Round 6: Incoming complete results, some people are still playing however.

Update Top 2: Anthony lost game 1 to George.

Top 2

George vs Anthony

Top 4

Matt vs George
Anthony vs Sam 

Top 8

(In no particular order)
1. Tony Denning
2. Tony (From Chicago)
3. George Triplett
4. Matt Eiesenbud
5. Colin Mitchell 
6. Anthony Hernandez
7. Sam Tuell
8. Valentin Guerrero 

Standings After Round 5

Team 2EZ

Matt Eisenbud 5-0-1

Team GTO

Colin Mitchell 3-1-1
Valentin Guerrero 3-2-1
Ivan Guerrero 2-2-1 - Out of the running for Top 8

Team Allies

Anthony Hernandez 3-1-1 Still Playing

Team Chicago

Destin Earsery 4-1-1
George Triplet 3-1-1
Lil' Tony 4-1-1

Team Ohio

Tony Denning 5-0-1


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