Saturday, June 30, 2012

AX SJC Coverage

Just received intel from my Spy in the Hidden Leaf Villiage. 56 players and the current records are:

Amir 3-2

Team DBagz
Juan Romero 4-1
Danny Collens 4-0-1
Michael Cano 0-1-1
Steve Aragon 1-1
Bryan Samuels 4-0-1

Team Shawn's Car
Ryan Matas 4-1
Shawn Oconnel 1-1

Jerry Balentuangin 4-0-1
Dennis Manyagi 1-1
Brandon Martin 1-1
Gus Orozco 2-0
Jimmy Nunez 1-1

 Check back later for more information!

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