Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rogue List Interpretation


Hydro Pump- The true ace in the hole, the number 1 top deck, and quite possibly the most hated card in the game. It contains the potential to wipe a board and completely turn the tide of combat. With its low cost and high impact, its easy to see why it is so popular among most meta game decks. Previously it defined a meta, but after being limited to 1 the deck ceased to exist, however it's overpowered ability still lingers at 1. This card is definitely ban-worthy and should have been banned rather than its original limited status.


The Warhawk- Arguably the best mission in the game. The card is essentially a plus two with a meaningless drawback. With fire being commonly used as fast pace element , this card justifies all the overextending one commits while trying to rush an opponent. With this card being limited to 1, it would lead to a decline in the fire/lightning sensation and would help balance fire as a whole, while still leaving fire a competitive element.


Byakugan/Dome/Big Bang/Reanimation-  The problem with these 4 cards is when they are played in succession. Each is 1 cost with a highly powerful effect, but letting 1 resolve is manageable.
By limiting them to 2, it would decrease the chance of getting both  while still letting the card have a function in a deck and embracing the play of lesser elements(water and wind).

Ink Leech-  Reasoning similar to above. I do think this is a very strong card and maybe too consistently played at 3, however I feel if it is reduced to 2 it will curb its ability to overwhelmingly accelerate the pace of game. The limiting of this card will also reduce the impact of devastating early game jutsus such as Dragon Flame, Fireball, etc.

Infinite Embrace- Currently banned, however I feel that we have shifted into a whole different format and this ban left water and wind lacking fortitude jutsu-wise By lifting the veil it would lead into a more balanced format by adding removal jutsus to the lesser elements(wind and water) to compete with strong jutsus such as dragon flame and mind transfer jutsu.

Not Rouge List Worthy:

The 4th Hokage(Brokage)/Konohamaru Ninja Squad- While both are very over used card in this meta, they are needed to keep one another in check. Without Hydropump in format, the rage of fourth hokage will start to decline and will become simply a good lightning card. KNS does see play in almost every deck, however in my opinion he is a healthy card. Now that we've seen Rasengan did not impact the format drastically, he balances many seemingly broken cards such as kidomaru state 2 and Kakashi/Sasuke among many others while still remaining under broken status.

Anko- A slightly underplayed card, however one of the most broken. With the ability to draw massive amounts of cards at such an early turn, it should easily be thought of as a problematic card. However, with the addition of set 25(aka Sabiru), Anko will become very difficult to resolve which will render the card near useless.



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